Now your little one is moving and groovin’ around the house —what do you need? What will save your sanity?  This is my take on my 8 great products and tips that have been helpful.  It seems like every 3 months a “life made easier” product is made so feel free to add your products below–I would love to add them to the list and try them out myself!  Once again us parents have to stick together!

Then it started to move....

Baby Barrier


This one of my favorite, smart buys I have made when we started baby proofing.  We bought this Summer Infant baby gate about 2 years ago and it is still holding up even after our second kid.

Pro: It can withstand the weight of two kids pushing up on it.  In my personal opinion, I did not want another “child-looking” thing in our living room and this blends in more with our decor. Very easy to open and close (for adults).

Con: It cannot be easily relocated to another room or staircase as it is screwed into the side of the wall.


Baby Proofing

I cannot take all the credit for this tip.  My sister-in-law introduced me to these locks and we have also been using these for a little over 2 years now and you can imagine using locks on cabinets can be quite irritating, but these are easy to lock and unlock.  Once my two year old was aware of our pull out trash, we stopped locking it, but never removed them from the cabinet.  It was that easy to flip a switch to keep them always unlocked. Although now they are back in the lock position since we have a mobile one year old again.  It is actually quite funny now to see my two year old try to open the trash and be confused about why it’s not working for him.  These worked so well we ordered another set for more rooms.

Electric outlet covers.  Both our boys were very into all the dangerous items around the house for some reason.  They were VERY curious about outlets and cords–anything for their little fingers to touch, pull, and grab.  These outlet covers have been top notch for us.  We have had no problems and even my two year old can’t get them off.  Very easy for us though to remove.  These outlet covers are over 90% of our outlets.

Pro: Cabinet locks are easy to install.  Easy to keep in the lock position and switch back to unlock without remove the product from your cabinet. You unlock cabinets with another magnet (key)so baby proofing is not visible from the outside of the cabinets.

Con: Do not lose the magnet key. That could be frustrating.  Keep the key up high and somewhere you will remember placing 🙂


Bath Chair

Baby Care Baby Infant Bath Tub Ring Seat Shower Anti Slip Safety ChairBaby bath Chair

Some people may think this product is not necessary and that is probably true to MOST people, but man, did this ever help me when I was by myself giving baths and definitely helpful when giving two little ones a bath at the same time.  Yes, I could have bathed them separately, but when my husband works nights, the bedtime routine went a bit more “smoothly” when they were in the same room with me.

Bath time with boys is always the dreaded part of the night time routine over here.  The splashing of more water out of the tub than what remains in, the pushing to be up front by the faucet, to add bubbles to not add bubbles?

To make matters worse my one year old is not a fan of the bath tub so the whole time I’m soaping him up and rinsing him off, he’s trying to crawl his way out.  This bath chair still allows him to wiggle and move without having him pinned down.  He can’t stand up in it so I do not have to worry about him slipping out.  The chair has definitely been helpful keeping him upright as I soap down the 2 year old.

Pro: Suction cups on the bottom helps to ensure the seat will not be moved easily while your kid is in the chair.  Child can play in the tub easily while still in the chair.

Con: Suction cups can be really strong where some force needs to be used when pulling it up off the bottom of the tub.–This definitely provides more comfort though knowing it won’t move while your child is using it.


Sippy Cups

We have tried many and I mean MANY different types of sippy cups with our two kids.  So far both of these Munchkin cups have been our favorites.  The first cup, the Munchkin Miracle 360, has worked really well with learning how to hold a cup and seriously lives up to the “no spill” feature.  They even make this kind with handles, but they never seem to be in stock when we go to purchase more!

The second sippy cup, the Munchkin weighted flexi straw cup has been a favorite with my second child as he tends to choke on the flow of the first cup.  This cup allows him to control the flow AND I love that he can choose to tilt it back or not and still get what he needs while drinking whereas most cups you can only do one, tilt or not, meh. Once again I give credit to my awesome sister-in-law for this referral!  While writing this, I’m thinking I need to order more of these.

Pro: Both cups are worth the price and have lived up to through the sporadic terrible two tantrums and the” toddler sippy cup abrupt throw downs”.  

Con: You can’t have too much of these! Wish I could get the 360 kind with handles:)



This was another purchase that was just based off reviews, but I have found multiple purposes for these durable placemats. Nonslip placemats for the dinner table work well on wood and granite countertops.  Sometimes when our kid friendly dishes are dirty, I will place the food right on these placemats because they take up quite a bit of space for the food to stay on (works even for the 1 year old).  We have also used these under our coloring, painting,….messy projects.  They wipe off very easily with a clorox wipe or rinsed off in the sink.  Bonus—Great for learning! My 2 year old son has used these to help learn all his shapes (including the hard ones like parallelogram).  Sometimes I would ask him to tell me his shapes or colors before getting his dessert.  Oh and they work great in the bathtub as well! These stick to the sides of tubs for play/learning while in the bath.

Pro: Very durable, bright colors, makes interactive very simple.  Easy wipe off material and works well on wood and granite counter tops. Easy to pick up and slide food remnants into the trash!

Con: Hmm….maybe more options as far as pictures on top.  I can’t complain though–love these!


Potty Chair

Potty Chair

Have I mentioned yet my sister-in-law rocks in the mom department?!? Here is a tip she gave me and we have been using it ever since we bought one for our family.  A potty chair that works at home and on the go!  Rubber on the bottom keeps it from slipping on top of the toilet seat AND it has a lip on the front to catch any high fliers:)  If you are on the road with not rest stop in sight, it converts to a mini potty for a discreet potty break on your road trip.  We have used this in public restrooms as well and bonus it comes with a bag so you are not noticeably carrying around a kid potty chair.

Pro: Small, convenient potty chair for the house and on the go.  It comes with a travel bag and hand rests convert to a mini potty for those unexpected urgency potty breaks on a road trip. Non-slip bottom keeps your little one steady while focusing on their flow:)

Con: Maybe a better looking potty travel bag? Once again I can’t complain about this product.


Kid Friendly Kitchenware

EZPZ Happy Mats rectangle 

EZPZ Happy mats

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these food mats.  If and when we ever go OUT to eat these are great on the go.  The larger ones do take up some counter space, but with your little ones the food can tend to spill over with their hands going everywhere so it makes clean up a breeze when all you have to do is lift the mat and rinse! We have the smaller ones too and usually I just place them on top of the placemats listed above.  These are dishwasher friendly too!  They keep food separated and the rubber suctions to the counter to keep your little one from throwing the whole thing over.

Pro: Easy to clean and prepare meals on.  Suctions to the counter to keep your loved one from throwing or spilling it onto the floor.

Con: Wish they were a little cheaper otherwise I would have a LOT more.


Teething Tools

Okay, so the teething department is not our strongest suit, but the following are the products that we use when it comes time enduring this unbearable phase of childhood.  All kids are different and different tools work for some and not for others.  With that said, here is what we have tried that works.  If any readers have tips out there please add below because we are currently in this phase.

 One product I do not have listed is the teething egg.  It seems to help when cold as well and a great transitional tool when weaning off the pacifier OR if the pacifier is hiding somewhere in the house:)

Pros: Necklace was great for places where my hands would be busy or afraid it would fall.  I could put the necklace around me or him and if it fell out of his mouth no biggie.  

Banana was great for introducing them to brushing your teeth. BOTH boys loved this product.  TiP: I would stick this in the freezer too because the cold helped relieve their pain.

Cons: Both Orajel products worked for both boys, unfortunately the struggle was getting it in their mouths as they hated the taste. Once it was in the mouth though, instant relief and helped with sleep.

PHEW….. if you have made it this far then your kids must be far, far, away from you 🙂 I did not mean for this to become a product post, but …it did. What did our parents ever do before Amazon??

Like I said before, feel free to add your suggestions below even if they are natural home remedies or hacks, our budget could use a break.

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