Things I never thought I'd say in my life.. May 31st

  1. “Please don’t pee on your brother in the bath… or wait..ever.”
  2. S.- “Come look at my poop!” Me- “So Cool….I mean, good job!.”
  3. “Please stop licking my knee.” “Please don’t lick your brother.”
  4. “Why is there toothpaste on your dresser and on your pillow?”
  5. “How did you get that part of the fireplace off? Please don’t swing it.”
  6. “We don’t swing from the window blinds’ strings….thanks.”

So…. with kids you have to teach common sense.

Here's a snapshot of a good moment!

Do i have a teenage son already?--May 20th

  1.   It’s funny how your kids start to mimic your behavior as well as words.  This week when S. gets angry he makes a frustrating grunt or growl to himself.  I know he learned this from me because when he frustrates me I do the same thing!      
  2. Recently S. has been into snakes—not sure where this came from–“Mom, tell me slimy snake story”.  This usually ends with him adding to my story because I apparently am not telling the story the way he wants to hear it.  
  3. “Calm down, mommy” after getting excited about his little brother walking across the room.
  4.  Today while tucking him into bed, S. says “We had a fun day today, mommy”.  –It doesn’t get better than that when truly it was just a simple day.
  5. When trying to get S. to come to me to get dressed or get his shoes on, I typically count to 3.   Now when I start counting and he’s acting ornery, he will finish the counting for me while giggling.  ….hmmm new strategy?!?

Just another week with the boys--May 8th

  1. It’s the little things that make a 2 year old happy–pushing the handicapped button on a door for it to automatically open, pushing the “green” button on the microwave for it to start cooking, or pushing the garage door button.  All these things can make his eyes light up with excitement—who knew it was the little things!               
  2. Coins are a treasure in our house.  If S. finds one on the floor he acts as if he hit the jackpot.  I’ve begun to use this to my advantage.  He will earn these coins anytime we go to a “mommy store” and he is well-behaved throughout the store:)   
  3. Recently this week S. has started to show more affection towards his brother when we are in public or around other kids.  He starting to to show his “big brother protection” by letting others know it is his baby brother.  
  4.  So it begins….. my 1 year old laughs every time he toots and now I feel like he is pushing them out intentionally.
  5. When your two year old wants to do everything onto his own, the result is you will be at least an hour late wherever you are planning to go.  Guess I got to start an hour earlier to prevent feeling the wrath of a 2 year old.

How Old Are You Again?--May 2nd

  1.  This last week pushed me to the edge mainly because we have been trapped indoors due to sickness.  Cabin fever set in towards the end and my two year old turned into a teenager.  Asking him to do anything turned into, “No mommy, you go get it….or you go do it.”  My favorite, “No, thank you.”  Ummm….that was not a choice dude.                 
  2. While on his medicine for croup, the doctor warned us he would be a bit grouchy and more active.  These are probably the worst two behavior combinations.  No nap and dealing with an angry 2 year old.  I will list just a few of his behaviors: he took a part part of the fireplace and was swinging it around like a loose cannon, dumped toilet paper in the toilet, running full speed into the baby gate (soft mesh material, but still.), throwing the cord to the blinds to try to hit baby brother….
  3. Recently started asking to “Follow his leap” aka “Follow his lead” ha!               
  4. During our “Sick week” I may have called him grouchy a few times and responded with “I’m not grouchy, I’m Sawyer Witham”.        
  5. After a thunderstorm, S. sees a rainbow in the sky and asks me if he can climb it.
Train Rides!

Say What?? --April 18th

  1.  While eating breakfast, in a panicked voice S shouts “Fix my strawberry, fix my Strawberry!!!!!”….meltdown commence.                 
  2. We recently moved my son’s carseat to be forward facing and on the second day of driving somewhere he asks, “Can I please drive, mommy?” Ummmm…….suuuureee…..
  3. While frantically looking for my lost keys one morning and my 2 year old is picking up on my moodiness, he asks me, “How ’bout we look for clues, mommy?”                     
  4. Recently S. has been walking around following up his comments with “Any questions, guys?” —What?? Where do you get this stuff from?         
  5. For those parents out there with a child between ages 2-6 are fully aware of what a ‘PJ mask’ is and aware of what it ‘takes to be a hero’.  My son is obsessed and uses his ‘Super Gecko muscle’ to help him accomplish anything that seems remotely “tough”.  For example: crawling into bed, climbing into his carseat, pretending to lift garage doors, and my favorite, trying to take a poop on the potty. 🙂

This week’s “WTH” moments:                      April 12th 

  1. Two year old shares “You’re driving me crazy mommy” if I ask him to do anything like “Go find your shoes please”.                                                                 
  2.  When telling your kid it’s time to go lay down and he responds with “That’s NOT FAIR!”                                                                                                                            
  3. While in the bath, my two year old sticks his bottom in the air so the running water will hit him in the tush while water sprays everywhere except in the bathtub. Cool, I wanted to have more to clean up after bath anyways.                                                                               
  4. Anybody else have the screaming-at-a-high-pitch  meltdowns?  It can happen at anytime and comes when you are least expecting it.  Anything can trigger it, but it can be a a mystery trying to figure out the actual trigger. I call this the ‘Hulk Transformation’.                                                                                                                                                         
  5. On the flip side–when the demon is no longer present in my son (joking of course)–most mornings my son will say, within the first few minutes, “Good morning, mommy.  You look pwetty today; I love your hair.” Sometimes he even says this without looking up at my hair ha!. If only you could see my hair too in the morning, this comment makes it all the better. 🙂

To sum up I’m living with two versions of my husband.

I would to love to hear your “WTH” moments.

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