Allergy Update 6.10.18

We got some exciting news a couple weeks ago.  We took a trip to Kansas City have our son complete a baked milk challenge at Children’s Mercy.  

Prior to the trip I was instructed to bake muffins from two different recipes that were sent to me from his doctor.  The recipe was very basic and each recipe included 1 cup of milk.

The appointment was at 8 am and we were instructed to not allow S. to eat anything before the appointment.  This of course created some challenges for our little boy who was so used to eating as soon as he woke up.  We told him we were going to have a muffin party with the nurses and doctors when we arrived.  He was all pumped until we arrived they of course wanted to do their usual routine checkup–weight, height, heart rate etc… and he was not having it.  HE. JUST. WANTED.TO. EAT.  Poor kid.

Finally ready for the challenge, they cut the muffin into fourths and give him a piece.  He, of course, wanted more.  The plan was to wait 15 minutes to monitor and watch for any reactions. He was “hangry” and wanted more.  Luckily we brought plenty of distractions–toys, games, Leap pad.

No signs of an allergic reaction. Then he was given another fourth.  Wait 15 min. Then a half. Then wait 15 min. Then a whole. and wait 2 hours.  No reaction!  He passed the test and he can now have baked milk products including items that have milk listed as the third ingredient and down on the list of ingredients!  Any baked items need to be baked at 350 degrees or higher for at least 20 minutes.  Let’s just say this little boy is so happy to have Goldfish again back in his life!  From what we are told we can wait 6 months before trying whole milk challenge—our hopes are high!

My kid has food allergies? Now What?!

From someone who went from grabbing her favorite foods and easy meal prep items at the store to now reading every label or researching ingredients–I will be sharing my journey here of our successes and hiccups along the way of adjusting meal prep for a kid with food allergies.  He currently is anaphylactic to peanuts, tree nuts, and milk and has an allergy to sesame.  Within the last month he has been tested again and thankfully all of his allergies have dropped and we have been given the green light to try introducing foods that contain sesame and possibly foods with baked milk.  I will update soon.

This past year and a half–since finding out the root of his eczema–has been somewhat challenging to say the least.  I have never been known to enjoy cooking or trying new foods at restaurants that are “outside of my box” mainly out of fear of ordering something I would not like and having to reorder or be hungry an hour later.  Unfortunately I STILL do not enjoy cooking, yet I’m trying new recipes and getting more comfortable in the kitchen.  Although, I would rather spend my time playing with the kids and just quality time with the family.  

This past year I have been trying to find new recipes for the entire family, but the focus has been on my two year old son and catering to his likes and while all the while avoiding ingredients that MAY contain his “itchy” ingredients as we refer to them to make our son fully aware of the results of eating any of the above.  I will continue to update and share stories, but most importantly I do want to share what meals and snacks my son does enjoy in case you or anyone you know is in the same sticky situation of catering to a picky eater/food allergy kid.

I will also be sharing products that has helped my son with eczema as well as milk substitutes!

First off, my favorite product from Amazon that we currently have on auto ship every 3 months is Vanicream.  We consistently use this all over his body right after bath time.  This lotion instantly calms any itching and prevents his skin from getting too dry. Let me tell you we have tried many different creams and nothing has come close to this cream (besides strong antibiotics). 

 Click here to order some and you will NOT be disappointed.

Milk Allergy?

I really wished I would have went with my “mother’s instinct” when my son was 2 months old and itching his face.  My husband and I were given lots of advice as new parents and everything we tried seemed to fail.  As a new mom, you try everything and research everything and with all the answers you find online or advice you get, you have an instinct in your gut telling you what the cause could be.  My mother’s instinct was telling me it was something I was eating and he was reacting to it while nursing.  I even brought this suggestion up to the pediatrician (more than one even) and they all told us their thoughts and they didn’t even entertain the idea of food allergies.  This was possibly because food allergies were not on the radar in our family history.  Still….frustrating.

It was finally when my son was 9 months old and was finally put on an antibiotic cream to help his eczema when a PA suggested changing my diet to see if there was any difference in his skin inflammation.  She suggested removing all milk first for two weeks.  I knew this was going to be a challenge and ultimately did not succeed.  I knew it would be hard, but not that hard.  We did everything else directed by the pediatrician–remove all fragrances and dyes from soaps, detergents, lotions, give oatmeal baths, give shorten and few bath, give luke warm baths—nothing seemed to be working so then I decided to reduce the amount of milk in my diet.  We were then starting to see less flare ups around his mouth yet it was difficult to actually know if it was the milk or just the weather not being as cold and dry since it was now spring.

Around 11 months, I began to wean my son from nursing, and we put him on soy formula.  Yes, let the mom shaming begin, I am fully aware of all the research about soy and shame me if you want, but there was little option when you find out your kid is allergic to milk and cannot have cow’s milk at 12 months or even an alternative milk such as almond or coconut due to nut allergies or milk made in a factory that processes nuts.

With that being said, we wanted to make sure that he was getting all the essential fatty acids needed for his age that he would of been getting by drinking cow’s milk.  After researching and visiting with the allergist, we have found these awesome squeeze packets — kid and parent approved! I’ve tried them myself and they taste great.  In fact, our son always ask for more after he has his at night.  I think he thinks it’s “dessert” before he goes to bed at night~~whatever he wants to believe!  If you are in the same boat, check it out on Amazon!  We have had this pack for about 9 months now.  Side note–we don’t give him one every night because we try to get his fatty acids in a variety of ways, but this is a great supplement.

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