A Boy's Exploration...

One thing I’m learning is how much curiosity a 2 year old boy has and how far it can take him.  S. loves to ask questions all day and honestly I do not mind answering them.  It’s absolutely amazing how much that little mind can soak in and remember from day to day.  I truly think he is aware of what “dying” means and I know for a fact my husband and I did not explain this to him.  

The other day he was watching Finding Nemo came running in from the other room to tell me that Dory died.  He told me she died like this –this held up his Dory toy and laid her flat on her side.  I was confused because I know for a fact she does not die in the movie.  I went in the other room to see what part of the movie he was at and it was when Dory and Marty are swimming through the jellyfish and get stung to where they fall on their sides in the water.  The movie does not say they died, but definitely shows them getting hurt so he just put two and two together and assumed they got hurt to where they died.  Crazy.

On the to the point of this post—exploration.  As I have mentioned before, S. is potty trained for the days, but continues to wear a diaper at night.  He is still exploring the potty, such as where he wants to potty.  For example, we have floor vents in our house which 90% of them are screwed down because of our 2 year old who began exploring putting toys down them or food.  Now, he found one in our walk-in-closet that was not screwed down.  Guess what he explored?!  He peed down it!  Yup!  You may be asking yourself–Why weren’t you watching him?? Well, let me say my job is not to follow my kid around the house all day.  I have two boys and the house is baby proofed and if I ever want to complete a household cleaning chore or even go to the bathroom there has got to be some trust in your kids as well as a chance to turn your back for 30 seconds to.. let’s say…use the restroom.

Just another day of exploring over here. Lesson hopefully learned–do not pee down the floor vents. We pee in the potty.

Boys win again Mom 0  

A mother's wish--30 seconds to herself..

Is 30 seconds too much to ask?  Seriously a mother can accomplish a lot in 30 seconds…use the restroom, brush her teeth, put her contacts in, and get dressed.  Most mothers can do this because we have learned how to multitask.  I pride myself on this “talent” because well it’s how I take care of myself while a kid is busy with a toy, eating a snack, or has just woke up and is 30 seconds from screaming for me.  Sometimes though you just have to let them scream for a bit because otherwise you will lose your mind.  I decided the other day that I could make a quick phone call that was needed to get done before nap and it was a doctor’s appointment–so necessary.  The conversation was not long at all, just enough to get details of the exact date and time of the appointment and what was needed prior to arriving.  I come back to find this beside my bedside….

Boys 1 Mom 0  Should I be totaling up this score or keep each score individual.  Whatever.  You can’t undo this.

Potty Training World --April 21st

Okay, I can’t complain too much because my 2 year old son has caught on rather fast.  I do want to point out though what kind of world has opened up now to my son.  His “pee-pee” as we refer to it is now like a weapon that he can use at his own choosing.  For example, when it is time for nap or bed, he will say he has to potty to avoid going to bed. Biting my tongue from saying “just go in your diaper” which I understand would defeat the purpose of potty training, so we in fact let him go.  He does actually go in the potty but then 5 minutes later he claims he needs to go AGAIN.  This is where the game begins.  Do you REALLY have to go? SO we let him go again.  He does in fact go pee in the potty, but not much.  I tell him you need to completely empty out all the pee before we go back to bed because this is the last time we are getting out of bed.  Once I say this, he starts to go pee again….. the little terd has been pinching himself off.  Who knew at 2 a kid could already manipulate the bedtime routine!?

After already becoming familiar with the potty, he is beginning to experiment with the whole process.  He will move the stool if I’m not watching further back from the toilet.  I asked him what he was doing and he said “Shooting it back here.”  What?!? Ummm…no thank you.  Pottying is not a game because you will lose every time you try that game.  To sum up what I have learned so far….. Boys like to explore.  Mom 0-Boys 1 

Two year old struggles…

Some days are harder than others and it often feels like I’m debating with another adult until I wake up and remember I AM THE ADULT here and what I say goes.  One of the current tricks that has been working that coincidentally worked while teaching was to offer a choice where both choices end with the desired result.  For example:  Do you want to crawl in the bath like a monkey or slither in like a snake?  Surprisingly I always get a reaction when I include animals.  This also works to get him to eat a meal, get in the car, and getting dressed (most of the time).  I have noticed this works about 98% of the time. The other 2% of the time is because he is extremely exhausted and “game over”— time to put the monster to bed.  I’m sure like most strategies it will lose its’ luster and I will have to try a new thing, but for now I have been pulling this one out of my sleeve muhahaha.  Mom 1-Boys 0

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